Best Egypt Shore Excursions

If you’re like a lot of people who take vacations to Egypt, your plans started out as little more than a wish to see the Great Pyramid at Giza—the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the only one that’s still around today in its (mostly) original form. It’s also one of those things that—like the Grand Canyon—doesn’t disappoint when you see it in person no matter how much it’s been built up. It was the tallest manmade structure for approximately 4,000 years. It’s no wonder—get it?—that visiting Egypt is on your bucket list. Or better yet, maybe it’s on your to-do list for this year.


Naturally, with an adventure of this size and import, you want to do some trip planning. Certainly, you can buy plane tickets for Cairo at retail prices, hire private transportation to drive you into Giza’s Al Haram neighborhood, and you’ll see the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx of Giza, and the rest of the Necropolis. While you may not be one of those people who like to plan every last minute of their itinerary, you probably want to do some pre-trip planning and/or get a guide for certain parts of your vacation.


We have some nifty tips and smart strategies to pass along to you as well, but we’re primarily about highlighting the travel agencies, tour guides, and trip vendors who can help you get the Best Egypt Excursions. We’re going to start with a directory of travel resources and local vendors. We hope your experience in Egypt is as amazing as ours has been!