The 5 Best Ways to Research Egypt Trips and Excursions

If you’re super-excited about the possibility of going on an Egyptian vacation, but don’t know what you can and can’t afford or even how to start looking, you’re not alone. We’ve come up with five solid strategies to help you get a lead on a promising vacation and travel itinerary.


  1. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and family.

This is a tried-and-true method that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are thousands of experts out there on Egypt and traveling, but there may be only a handful or a few dozen friends and family who know you. If one of them has also been to Egypt, then it’s definitely worth reaching out. Today’s social media platforms can help quickly canvass your social network for travel tips, complete with personal travel photos in some cases. I’d also recommend checking in with my best friend. You may have personal fears and concerns that you want to talk about in a more intimate setting.


  1. Look at government websites and other trusted online sources.

Like most places in the world, tourism is a non-trivial part of the economy as well as a locale’s cultural identity. Federal, state, and local authorities may all have a stake in promoting the various opportunities for tourists to visit. So to see the best Egypt has to offer and to get travel information from an official state source, check out the Egypt’s Tourism Promotion Agency. U.S. travelers would also do well to check with the State Department’s International Travel Page for Egypt.


  1. Contact tour operators and travel agents.

Just because a travel agency or tour operator is in the business of selling trip planning services doesn’t mean they can’t be honest brokers for travel information and advice. I can’t tell you how many travel agents and tour operators tell me that they weren’t natural salespeople, but that they were travel-lovers and that they were proud of the travel packages and prices they were able to offer their clients. Look for a couple highly rated tour operators with lots of positive reviews from a trusted website, and give them a call to see what they say and what they have to offer.


  1. Visit your company’s HR department.

A lot of people are using a good portion of their paid vacation time to make the trip to Egypt and/or a nearby interior African safari. More than just an allowance of time and salary, some businesses offer active trip planning support or even discounted trip prices. We know of at least one case in which an employee just happened to swing by their HR department with an unrelated question about their paid time off and found out the company worked with an affiliate travel agency to offer a lower rate for trip prices.


  1. Book and go on your first trip.

When we’re talking about Egypt Shore and African safari excursions, the best research is always done firsthand. Spend a little time talking about and reading up on the options, but then make your choices, pack your bags, and get excited about what’s sure to be some of the best times of your life. When your friends, neighbors, or family ask you about the best East Africa trip tips, you’ll know what the trip experience was like for you, as well as what your friend, neighbor, or family might appreciate most. Then, you’ll able to provide your own new traveler advice.

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