Ancient Egypt + Wildlife Safari: Spend an Extra Week in Africa

In addition to the Great Pyramids and the capital city of Cairo, Egypt is known for its incredible link to ancient cultures and civilization more generally. You can marvel at the height and construction of the greatest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and go on your own archaeological dig the next day. You can take a tour of the Nile River, or you can visit Alexandria and other amazing beach towns along Egypt’s North Shore area, all the way up to Port Said and the Suez Canal.

Still, for a lot of people traveling the world, a stop in Egypt is also likely to serve as the gateway to the rest of Africa and the next step on their once-in-a-lifetime adventure. (It’s worth noting that some people also take this opportunity to visit Israel, but we’re going to focus on popular African destinations.)

Now, don’t get us wrong. Egypt has its own wildlife. It’s just not always wildlife that’s easy to see. Some of the best wildlife experiences we’ve had in Egypt have actually been maritime tours that look for manatees/dugongs, dolphins, and whales. Still, if you’re looking for a companion trip to go with your stay along Egypt’s North Shore, by far the most popular spot is an African wildlife safari.


Safari Destinations Nearby

Go on a Tanzania wildlife safari and you might see a herd of baby elephants crossing the Serengeti.

If you’re looking for a shorter flight paired with a classic safari experience, you’re going to want to consider Uganda, Ethiopia or Kenya. Just a little further south and you’ll find other iconic safari destinations that include Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique. And if you’re ready to understand just how big a continent Africa is, we’d encourage you to head all the way down to South Africa and Botswana.




Find a Companion Tour Operator
Look, we’ve had decades of experience networking with and integrating services from different trip vendors, but if you’re thinking about spending several days to a week or more in Egypt, as well as significant time in another part of Africa, your best bet is often to work with two different tour operators. We encourage you to reach out to us for tips about traveling along Egypt’s shores, but if you’re also interested in a traditional African safari vacation, we recommend taking a look at the destinations and trip itineraries available from Rothschild Safaris: One of the Top Safari Companies as noted by Travel & Leisure this particular year (2017-2018) but they have received this award many other years as well. Owned and ran by Leora Rothschild for almost 20 years, and they vet all guides, lodges, and experiences first hand before recommending them to anyone. They are the tops among a group of high end safari companies that just know how to do it right.

We’ve met a few travelers over the years who came to Egypt’s North Shore area specifically to enjoy the sea climate of the Mediterranean with a day trip, or two at most, to see Cairo and Giza. Maybe they have super-sensitive skin, and that’s as far as inland as they’re interested in going. If this sounds like, not to worry, you’ll still have multiple options for checking out other parts of Africa. We’d recommend Morocco (it has Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean coastline!) or South Africa (season and water supply permitting).


Safety Travel Ratings

More adventurous travelers looking to stay along the coast may also opt for Tunisia, though you’ll need to be mindful of travel restrictions and safety precautions. Of course, we could also say the same thing about Egypt, other African countries, and other destinations around the world. South Africa has been showing up on a lot of recent travel advisories due to the water shortage. In this sense, it’s really not that different than an international traveler being mindful about traveling to the Caribbean or the southeastern United States during hurricane season. We encourage you to monitor the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisories for any country you’re traveling to. Here is the Egypt Travel Advisory page from the U.S. State Department.

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