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About Egypt :

Egypt is the cradle of civilization, the land of religions and the gateway to Africa , but above all, Egypt is the gift of the Nile. For more than fifty centuries this country has witnessed the development of cultures and civilizations through the different Pharaonic , Christian and Islamic periods. Egypt, the country where past and present coexist , invites you to enjoy its permanently warm climate, visiting the ancient splendors of the Pharaohs, the early glories of Christianity and the masterpieces of Islam , and exploring its seas which have some of the most beautiful seafloors in the world , as well as its deserts which have been isolated from the fertility of the Nile.

Cairo :

The capital of Egypt, located on the Nile River, with an estimated population of 15-17 million, it is one of the largest cities in the world. It is the cultural, political, administrative, industrial and tourist center of not only Egypt but all the Middle East. Along the Nile in Cairo you will find modern skyscrapers and luxury hotels while the old city with its narrow streets, and the religious university Al-Azhar is to be found only a few kilometers away, which considered the biggest Islamic university in the middle East.

Tourist Attractions in Cairo In and around the city the attractions are plenty as Khan El-Khalili area Bazaars which is one of the largest bazaars in the Middle East.

Tourist Attractions in Cairo In and around the city the attractions are plenty as Khan El-Khalili area Bazaars which is one of the largest bazaars in the Middle East.

The famous Great Pyramids of Giza and their guardian, the mighty Sphinx which is the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World are located just outside of Cairo. Memphis and Saqqara Memphis was the oldest Egyptian capital and Saqqara the oldest cemetery.

There are more 600 Islamic mosques and monuments in Cairo & Because of the Copts there are many beautiful Christian monuments in Cairo .

Alexandria :

Alexandria Egypt is the second largest city in Egypt, with a population of approximately 5 million. The city is located 200 km north of Cairo and stretches 20 km along the Mediterranean Sea in a narrow stripe of a few kilometers.

Because of a very pleasant climate, wonderful beaches, and hotels up to 2 million Egyptians choose to spend their summer in the city.

If you are interested in ancient sights, Alexandria Egypt has them too. The city used to be the capital of the Ptolemy Pharaohs, and therefore holds a number of ancient Greek and Roman sites as Pompeii's Pillar which was built to honour the Emperor Diocletian , The Roman Theatre , Catacombs of Kom al-Shoqafa This is the largest Roman cemetery in Egypt , dating back to the beginning of the 2nd century A.D.

Also Alexandria famous with its unique Montaza Palace Gardens with its numerous palm trees where the Palace of former King Farouk is situated.

Luxor :

Luxor has often been called the worlds greatest open air museum, as indeed it is and much more. The number and preservation of the monuments in the Luxor area are unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

It has been a tourist destination since the beginning of tourism. Even in ancient times, during the late Dynasties of the Greek and Roman periods.

Today Luxor is well equipped to accommodate tourists with many hotels and in general a tourist industry ready and willing to serve the people from many countries that descend on this area of the Nile Valley every year.

The Luxor area of Upper Egypt was the Thebes of the ancient Egyptians - the capital of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms.

At the northern end of town is the sprawling Karnak complex of temples built over a span of about 1,500 years. It is famous for its main Hypostyle Hall with 134 massive columns. About halfway between Luxor and Karnak temples is located the Luxor Museum - one of the best in Egypt.

The West Bank was the domain of the deceased and it is dominated by mortuary temples and hundreds of tombs.

Aswan :

Aswan is as much an ethnic frontier as it is a geographic one. Its Egyptian Arabic culture gives way to black Africa and the Nubian/Sudanese culture that runs along the Nile to Khartoum.

Aswan famous by its High Dam , one of the largest reservoirs in the world & the Elephantine Island which is the largest of the Aswan area islands, and is one of the most ancient sites in Egypt, with artifacts dating to predynastic periods.

Elephantine Island is a beautiful place to visit, with wonderful gardens and some truly significant artifacts. It is also a good place to spend some leisure time, wondering among the Nubian villages where the people are friendly and the houses are often very colorful.

Sharm El Sheikh :

The most southern point of Sinai founded on the red sea , has beautiful sandy beaches sitting at the feet of breathtaking mountain chains. With its clear waters and large coral reefs, It is the richest underwater habitat on the planet; corals, turtles, devilfish and more than 100 species of wonderfully colored fish make this area a paradise for sea and diving enthusiasts.

Naama Bay, is the most famous and well-developed tourist bay, thanks to its sandy sea floor and year round sunny climate, it is the ideal location for bathing. Sharm El Shiekh also famous by its best hotels, sports and diving centers, fashionable shops, excellent restaurants and discos providing night time entertainment.

25 KM South to Sharm El Shiekh located Ras Mohamed, is the extreme point of Sinai peninsula from where you can see the coast of Asia on the left and the coast of Africa on the right. It is one of the best underwater diving locations in the world, with both sides of its long beach being flanked with mangrove bushes.

Hurghada :

In recent times this small isolated fishing village has become a popular tourist resort thanks to its exceptionally blue waters, its intricate coral reef and its wide sandy beaches which stretch out from the feet of the desert mountains. Situated on the western coast of the Red Sea, and enclosed between the sea and the desert, Hurghada enjoys a wonderful climate all year round. One can enjoy a visit to its important marine museum , Boat day trips are organized for snorkeling and diving.

The coral reef is inhabited by horny coral, devil fish, shells and colorful and extraordinarily shaped fish.

The Oasis :

Whom are searching for adventure, Safari & Desert lovers must join one of our oasis trips in Egypt

The word oasis is often used to describe a place where you can forget the burdens of everyday life, relax rest and renew yourself. Egypt's oases are just refuges from the modern world, in the dramatic setting of the desert surrounded by sand and sky, the oases have a sense of timelessness, which is very rare in the 21st century. Man and nature have co-existed here since the Stone Age.

Oasis was originally an Egyptian word (from the Coptic "Waha") and Egypt's oasis are still the most varied in the world, each with a special character of its own. Wherever you stay, enjoy the tranquility of the Bedouin lifestyle.

For more adventure travel and exciting camping explore the majesty of the desert by camel or jeep safari, spend a night under the stars. Let the night skies and the silent spaces create your own personal oasis- an inner peace to take back with you when you leave.

We honored to offer you adventure travel, camping & safari in the Western desert where there are 5 main oasis, with enjoyable oasis such as Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga and Siwa.